Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Naughty Panties: How it came to be

Naughty Panties is a concept that came up to me when I saw French Lesson Panty by Kiki De Montparnasse. I told myself, if there would be something for the Filipina ladies, it would really be nice to have. But I met problems while developing the concept and one of them is the language itself.

French, in my opinion, is the most sophisticated langauge as far as the sound is concerned. In our Filipino language, however, naughty words don't sound so nice. No offense to Filipinos but it's just my taste that don't go well with it. So I dropped the idea and tried to think about something else for Naughty Panties.

While thinking, I thought that my design should be universal, something that everybody could understand regardless of what language you use. Thus, naughty panties became graphical rather than typographical. And I concentrated on showing public signage which made a really interesting effect on the person looking.

Suddenly, the public signage, which was so common, now had two meanings; the original one and the naughty one. Thus Naughty Panties was born. And you can think about all the public signage you can think of, place it on a panty and it becomes naughty. "Men at work", "Please use the other door", "Men's room", etc...

Naughty Panties promotes self-expression. As we all know, Filipinas are known for being conservative... well, not anymore. I want the Filipinas to express themselves and still keep it for themselves ('cause the last time I checked, panties are still private right?) or to somebody really special.

Please do come back as I will show you some of my Naughty Panties!


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