Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Naughty Panties: Designs Part 1

Naughty Panties is not what most of you would think it is. Search and find out. The first link goes to a porn site and the rest are porn sites as well. Been thinking about changing the name but I can't think of any that would exactly fit the concept. My idea is to change the meaning of a common signage and make it naughty by printing it onto a panty. Ok, it's really hard to picture what I'm talking about without any idea of how it looks like. So instead of talking (typing) I'll just show you some of my ideas.
Baby On Board

I came up with this idea thinking that if I have a pregnant customer buying a panty, how can she make a statement that is naughty without losing respect... And "baby on board" came up. Which one do you like the most? I prefer the brown one but most ladies I asked told me the white is cute.
Caution: Filling is hot!

I was eating an apple pie in a fast food restaurant when I got my tongue burnt. How stupid! I missed the warning on the packaging that says: "Caution: Filling is hot!" I wonder if some ladies would feel the same way with guys trying to hit on them. I placed it at the back, with broken lines, and a bit curved. The reason being is that tight or low-rise jeans are common here at my place. And when ladies sit or bend, their panties show most of the time... What a way to show the guys looking how naughty you are! I bet they'd be wondering what's hot inside that panty until they sleep.
Max 120 kph

Ladies have limits, too! They don't want guys to go too fast. Sometimes, taking it slow is better. I like how the white makes a splat. It gives the illusion of speed and... you know what I mean. It seems to say "let's take our time" or "we just met."

That's it for now. I still have some designs here but I'm a bit sleepy already. Leave some comments or email me some of your naughty thoughts [] (the ones related to what I'm designing, ok!?) Maybe I could put something together out of your suggestions.

Thank you for reading, until next time!


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